Todrick Hall achieved worldwide fame thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race, and since then he hasn’t stopped. He even got to perform in Spain in 2019 –when we were able to interview him-. After releasing last year a most pandemic EP, Quarantine Queen, his album Femuline has just seen the light of day.

Todrick set out to record a very ambitious album, and certainly, seeing the artists collaborating on it, he has taken a giant step. After releasing Boys in the Ocean and Queen (in which she sings “I was born with glitter in my veins, I don’t give a damn what people say… I was born to be a queen”), a new video, Rainin’ Fellas, has just been released.
Todrick’s new clip is not to be missed, in which nothing is missing: choreographies, cross-dressing, fantasy looks and lots of men… naked. In the middle of LGTBI Pride month, Todrick gives his fans an ambitious and spectacular video clip.

And he has a lot to celebrate. Because in his recently released album Femuline, he counts on top level collaborations: Chaka Khan, Brandy, Nicole Scherzinger, Tyra Banks and TS Madison have recorded with him, which is something to be said soon.

In addition, Todrick has announced a U.S. tour for next fall where he will be performing Femuline live. We have no doubt that his show will be bigger and better than the one he brought to Europe two years ago, in our pre-pandemic reality. And he will surely continue to release videos as eye-catching, if not more, as this Rainin’ Fellas one. Something like the 21st century reinvention of the LGTBI classic It’s Raining Men.

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